On Saturday two more pastors are being inducted, and Esther is stepping down.

“With any charity that’s fairly new and is brought to any area by an individual, it’s really important to hand it over to a strong management team,” she said.

“The time has come really for me to step down as co-ordinator and to let the charity grow and evolve without me.”

Teams of three or four street pastors walk around Stratford every Friday night and on the first and last Saturday night of the month.

Steering clear of violence, they help the emotional and the needy, giving out ‘space blankets’ to keep people warm and flip flops to girls carrying their heels.

“We have a very important working relationship with particularly CCTV who will ask us to go and deal with a situation,” explained Esther.

The co-ordinator is the only role that receives a salary.

“The reason that’s appropriately paid for is there’s a lot of partnership work,” said Esther.

“We have a lot to do with the council, the police, and referring people to welfare services etc. It’s an incredibly responsible position as well.”

The new co-ordinator is Maureen Green, who along with her husband Eddie, has been part of the church community in Stratford for many years.

“She’s very wise,” said Esther. “She has that important wisdom that you need to deal with people compassionately.”

Esther thanked the people of Stratford for supporting the street pastors over the past three years.

If you’re interested in becoming a street pastor email stratforduponavon@streetpastors.org.uk