He told the Herald: “In my time with England I never had the chance to belong to a local sports club and get involved with the community because of the intensity of the job. I was away from home for 250 nights a year, which is not healthy especially when you have a young family.

“So when Stratford got in touch with me with a view to helping out I saw it as a chance to put something back into the game that has served me so well. In many ways the club reminds me of my old one back in Harare with all the other sports sections that are based there.

“I have told the club that I will try and make as many practice nights as possible when my work allows it. There is a great spirit amongst the players and a great level of commitment as well.

“I enjoy their company and it’s a chance to improve some talented young guys. I think the club is moving in the right direction both on and off the field under the new set-up and I’m happy to help out.”

Flower also revealed that he is still settling into his new role with the ECB. “There are several strands to the job which include running leadership programmes, direct one-to-one coaching with young players who are on the fringe of the England team and working with up-and-coming coaches,” he added.

“I enjoyed my time as England coach but that’s someone else’s job now and I have moved on. But I still get enormous satisfaction from coaching and getting involved with players at all levels.”

Asked about his most memorable time in the game he said: “When I first played for Zimbabwe it was a special time because we were a new Test side. On the coaching front, winning three Ashes series with England was special as was winning a Test series out in India. We also won a first ever international trophy with the ICC World Twenty20 tournament in the West Indies in 2010.”

Stratford Cricket Club chairman Steve Cootes said: “We were all taken aback when Andy agreed to do some coaching at the club. If someone had asked us what we would have wished for, then having Andy Flower involved would have been top of our list.”