A ball was filled with grass to try and entice the animals and then the two teams of 11 pigs battled it out for 90 seconds.

The team in possession at the final whistle were declared winners, and unfortunately for Roy Hodgson and the rest of the country, although England had most of the ball, Italy inevitably emerged victorious.

Although many of the guinea pigs seemed disinterested in the football, children visiting Hatton Adventure World enjoyed the spectacle and the chance to pet the animals.

After Paul the octopus shot to fame during the last World Cup, will Hatton’s guinea pigs be the next psychic animals to correctly predict the results?

We highly doubt it; but if Italy do win 1-0 in Manaus on Saturday 14th June, you heard it here first.

England's number 10, Wayne Rooney, battles it out with one of the Italians.

England’s number 10, Wayne Rooney, tussles for the ball with one of the Italians.