Last night, the van driver, believed to be in his early 40s, suffered serious arm injuries, back injuries and multiple abrasions to his head and face.

A West Midlands Ambulance spokesman said: “Considering he was ejected from the vehicle, the man was fortunate not to have suffered more serious or even fatal injuries.”

Emergency services were called after the van, which was travelling towards Norton Lindsey and in the direction of the primary school, hit a tree near Rose Cottage.

The vehicle overturned and then came to rest back on its wheels.

“The driver of the van had been ejected from the vehicle in the crash and was on the road being cared for by a passer-by,” said an ambulance spokesman.

Once the man’s condition was stabilised at the scene he was taken to University Hospital in Coventry for further treatment.

This morning, parents and teachers at Wolverton Primary School were shocked to hear of last night’s crash on the road.

Mother-of-two Fiona Cockburn has been campaigning for two years to get the speed limit reduced outside her children’s school.

She said: “It once again raises concerns about the speed limit in the area near the school.”

Last year Warwickshire County Council told teachers there wasn’t enough funding to reduce the speed limit on the road, and the council told the Herald reducing the limit on this particular road would not reduce the speed of drivers.

Parents and teachers at Wolverton Primary School have been told the 40mph speed limit outside the school will not be reduced.

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