Stagecoach are being encouraged by councillors to turn buses off the busy 50mph road because of safety concerns.

Mr Burd said: “We don’t like doing that, because realistically you have got to allow three minutes for the manoeuvre.”

He said the earliest they would be able to look at turning into the car park was six months from now.

Bidford’s new medical centre is a mile outside of the village on the Stratford Road and was due to open over bank holiday weekend.

After a shuttlebus was cancelled, residents were concerned there would be no way for non-drivers to get there.

Warwickshire County Council said they were “confident” the bus stops would be in place within the next month, and hoped it would be “a lot quicker”.

Although the moving process started at the weekend, the surgery told the Herald it was unlikely to be completed.

They could not give an exact date for the move.