Noise from regulated entertainment will be controlled so that it can’t be heard in the homes of people living nearby after 11pm, and all external doors and windows at the nightclub must be shut by 11pm.

The tough new measures come about following a meeting of the district council’s licensing panel which last week considered an application from Maison for a new premises licence after the previous one lapsed following the death of the then licence holder.

The panel received 24 opposition letters or representations from residents living nearby who objected on the grounds of late night rowdiness and public order offences caused by people leaving the nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

At a hearing on 6th May the panel heard that many residents in Wellesbourne Grove, Stratford, had been subjected to drunken revellers vomiting, urinating, fighting and screaming in front gardens or by the roadside as they left Maison and staggered back to parked cars.

Both Warwickshire Police and SDC environmental health officers withdrew their objections to the application at the hearing following a revised submission from Maison which stated that staff and management would tackle public order concerns.

To this end SDC has said that CCTV cameras must be situated at all public areas and entrances of the premises, and Maison will “take all reasonable steps to ensure staff do not carry out, arrange or participate in any irresponsible promotions” that encourage customers to drink as much alcohol within a given time limit or as part of a special offer or customer competition.

Living diagonally opposite the nightclub has been a sobering experience for John Hartley, who is a spokesman for the residents at Scholar’s Court retirement home.

This week he expressed his disappointment with the decision to grant Maison a premises licence but added that it was now up to nightclub staff to make sure the new arrangements worked.

“I am disappointed but in fairness if they stop the excessive noise and rowdy behaviour that will make it easier for us all to live together,” said Mr Hartley.

Commenting on the renewed licence, Maison general manager, Tab Daelman, said he was “absolutely thrilled” with the decision but wanted to reassure residents that there would be more communication with them about any concerns they might have from now on.

“We’re not here to upset anyone. I’m proud of living in Stratford and there will be more communication with residents than there has been in the past,” Mr Daelman said.