I SAW Othello, Shakespeare’s great tragedy about love and jealously performed by Tread the Boards Theatre Company at the Attic Theatre on my last evening in Stratford.

There are two things which I admired about the production’s theatrical scenery and lighting. The first is the use of the net as part of the set. It presented an image of the sea surrounding Venice, but for me it seemed like a metaphor for the trap set by Iago for Othello and others. Secondly, the green light used for stage lighting. Needless to say, it was used to express Othello’s jealousy. Though this kind of lighting was within expectations for me, the effect of it was just beyond.

I was shocked by the strong emotion of Othello, played by Nick Doughlin, which was enhanced by the illumination. A scene lighted by the green illumination cannot be seen in real life, yet the scene had a kind of realness. Methinks it is because we had experienced such kind of feeling at least once in our own lives and the scene reminded us of it.

I also loved the way Iago, played by John-Robert Partridge, gave the audience a glance almost every time when he left the stage. It gave me a sense of comradeship by sharing the secret with him. By that and the strong soliloquies of Shakespeare’s own hands, I was enticed into his world without noticing. Now I think I understood why British people love Iago and other Shakespeare villains.

Lastly, Othello’s smile towards Desdemona (Rebecca Bell) in Act 1 Scene 3 (when he first saw Desdemona on stage) was really impressive for me. Her father, furious with rage was in his presence, nevertheless his smile described that he really loved her and was so happy with her. It seemed for me that at that moment, he was no more a cruel soldier or a great general, but a man in love. I found it a really interesting interpretation and it is related to the saddest lines in Act 5 Scene 2, “Then must you speak of one that lov’d not wisely but too well.”

Othello, directed by Jess Hill, returns to the Attic Theatre at The Lazy Cow, Bridgefoot, Stratford, on 24th and 25th May. For details and tickets contact www.stratforduponavonartsfestival.co.uk