“It was the people of Henley exercising their legal right to walk a public footpath,” said one of the organisers, who did not wish to be named.

“It sounds a bit petty and a bit silly but I think public footpaths are quite important, this footpath is probably 150 years old or even older, and nobody wants it rerouted.”

Allotment Plots have courted controversy since announcing they wanted to build modern allotments for sale in Henley last year.

Residents initially thought it was a front for a gypsy site, and some still believe the project is a scam. Allotment Plots have consistently denied this.

Crowds gathering before the walk.

Crowds gathering before the walk.

But Monday’s walk was purely about the path.

“A lot of people regularly use that path, dog walkers and ramblers,” said our resident.

“People walk up the middle of the town, walk up the mount, along the mount and then down to this field and back into Henley. It’s a circuit for dog walkers and at weekends you get ramblers. It’s certainly a path that’s used regularly by several people each day.”

Last week Stratford District Council issued a temporary stop notice on activity on the land, alleging there had been a breach of planning control.

Although you do not need planning permission for allotments, you do for much of the surrounding infrastructure Allotment Plots want to build, like roads.


The public footpath veers left through the tape.