Statistically, Warwickshire Police arrests and charges a lower percentage of people for domestic abuse crimes, but the county’s Deputy Crime Commissioner Eric Wood said this was because the “right people” were being charged.

Warwickshire recorded 1,281 domestic abuse crimes between August 2012 and August 2013.

For every 100 of these crimes reported, 63 people were arrested, below the national average.

Only 19 per cent of the 1,281 were charged, which was the fourth-lowest percentage in the UK.

This morning, Mr Wood was asked to explain the low figures.

He said: “Of the cases that we do refer we get a higher conviction rate than the average.

“The easy bit is to refer everybody but then the chances of conviction, if you do that, fall dramatically.

“It doesn’t mean crimes are going unpunished. There may be fewer cases ending up in court, but there’s a higher conviction rate.”

Only 19% of people are charged in domestic abuse cases in Warwickshire.

Today’s HMIC report revealed some shocking news nationally, finding the response from many forces alarming and ineffective.

Domestic abuse cases cost the country an estimated £15.7 billion a year and 77 women were killed by partners or ex-partners in 2012/13.

One in four young people aged 10 to 24 in the UK reported experiencing domestic violence and abuse during their childhood.

In Warwickshire, domestic abuse accounts for 5% of all calls to the police.

Between August 2012 and August 2013 domestic abuse accounted for 30% of all assaults with injury in the county, (702 out of 2,377).

For further reaction and more in depth analysis of the findings see next week’s Herald.