Under the proposals being considered around 3,000 homes would be built at GLH and 3,500 at Long Marston Airfield. The revised analysis puts GLH second to Long Marston Airfield and in one case third.

Tonight Cllr Chris Saint (Cons, Tredington), the leader of Stratford District Council, told the Herald: “I don’t think anybody’s been misled. The consultation responses have been published and have been assessed, and on that basis have been quite fairlhy indicated in the report.”

He added: “I wouldn’t call this anything other than an alternative analysis.”

But Cllr Laura Steele, chairman of Forse, the group set up to fight the GLH scheme, told the Herald: “Whilst is comes as a great relief that SDC now accept that our votes should have been included in the first place and that their own initial figures do NOT fairly and accurately represent the public opinion, we believe that they should still go further and include ALL the votes they have excluded.

“The true accurate reflection of public opinion from the votes received is that Long Marston was first choice, Southam and Stoneythorpe were second choice and GLH is third choice.

“Not only is GLH the worst place to build a new town on the evidence but the voting public seem to agree.

“We welcome the correction of the unfortunate mistake made and hope that the correct figures will receive as much attention as the wrong ones.”

For a full report and coverage of the cabinet’s decision see next week’s papers.