They believe a six-mile track to a new station at Long Marston will have huge benefits for tourists, businesses, and residents in Stratford, providing a direct line to both Worcester via Evesham, and Oxford via Moreton-in-Marsh.

Today around 60 local councillors and business group members were sent a copy of their report.

Alan Bevan from the group said: “By eliminating the ‘dead end’ terminus with a reopened southern rail link, lots more tourists will be able to reach Stratford from the Thames Valley, Oxford and the Cotswolds.”

The single-track line would follow the line of the old railway along Summerton Way, the cyclepath behind Albany Road, dive under Evesham Place and travel alongside Seven Meadows Road in a trough before tunnelling under Wetherby Way and picking up the old line on the Greenway.

The report states: “Train services along a reopened rail route could beneficially offer easy and faster travel for residents in the Long Marston and Quinton areas where some 2,000 households will reside within 3km of a proposed station.”

The group reckon the rail link would reduce road traffic in Long Marston, Welford and Binton.

“Overall, there is an unassailable case for the new rail link to regenerate Stratford’s tourist economy; secure greater connectivity; and environmental sustainability to benefit everyone in and around Stratford.”

Residents have previously protested against these plans, arguing the noise would be unbearable for residents, and the railway line would damage green spaces and footpaths.

There is a No Avon Line protest group and Warwickshire County Council noted the “local concerns” after a business case study was produced last year.

Mr Bevan pointed out that a survey in the town last year found 70 per cent of those who responded supported re-opening the line.

This week’s report argues “the trains would not bring any undue noise for residents” because the trains would not be travelling in a trough between two and eight metres below ground level and confined to 30mph before the Greenway.

The footpath on Summerton Way would remain, and the cycleway on Seven Meadows Road relocated to the other side.

As for the environment, the report states: “the general amenity of the Greenway would remain throughout and greater rail use would assist safer, healthier and less-crowded streets for all.”