Shipston crash

In Shipston-on-Stour this morning, another motorcyclist had to be taken to hospital after a crash with a car at the Portobello crossroads.

Found by an off-duty paramedic from South Central Ambulance service at 8.33am, the 59-year-old biker went over the top of a car and landed ten metres away.

Suffering from neck pain, a bruised right knee, and a potential broken ankle, he was also taken to University Hospital in Coventry.

The Portobello crossroads, where the A429 crosses the B4035, is an accident blackspot.

After the man’s helmet was damaged in the crash, a West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “It shows just how

important wearing protective equipment is. It undoubtedly helped reduce the level of injuries to this motorcyclist.”

Safety reminder

Paramedics reminded all road users that there are more motorbikes on the road in the warmer weather.

One in five people killed on our roads is a motorcyclist and on average, in the West Midlands between March and October every year, around 240 motorcycle accidents occur every month, that’s around eight every single day.

Motorcycle Paramedic, Mark Hayes, said: “A significant number of motorcycle crashes result in fatalities or serious injuries. It is important for motorcyclists as well as other motorists to understand their role in the safety of all road users.

“For motorcyclists, a good set of leathers and safety helmet go a long way to minimising injury. Secondly, it is really important for people to concentrate on arriving at their destination safely, rather than as quickly as possible. Preventing the accident is the ideal as opposed to relying on safety equipment to save lives.

“I think I speak for all riders by saying that the thing we want most from our ride is to return safely, in one piece. The last thing your family wants is a policeman delivering devastating news of a fatal accident.

“As an experienced rider and having dealt with many accidents involving riders, one of the causes of accidents is drivers failing to see the biker because they are more difficult to spot than a car.

“The common comment from car drivers involved in accidents with motorcyclists is that they never saw the motorcycle until they collided. Contrary to popular belief, motorcycle accidents are not always caused by errors on the part of the motorcyclist.

“However, motorcyclists have a responsibility to do their part and practice safe driving habits whether they are riding for pleasure or part of their job.

“All motorists, whether on two, three or four wheels are responsible for respecting the rights of all other drivers no matter the size or type of their vehicle.”