Now the Bar Manager at The Turks Head pub on High Street, Cameron has immersed himself in traditional English life, becoming the first American to join the historic Alcester Court Leet society.

“I originally came to Alcester just to visit some family members, but I ended up staying,” he said.

“I just like how the community get together to celebrate things. Alcester is constantly doing things like this in town.”

Because he’s a member of an amateur dramatic society, Cameron was asked to play St George by the High Bailiff of Alcester Steven Brown.

Although he admitted there wasn’t much serious acting, he enjoyed dressing up as the English knight nonetheless.

“It was just a little cheap costume,” he said. “I would have loved it if it was the full-weighted costume, chainmail and all.

“I’ll have to order a Game of Thrones-style one next time!”

Schoolchildren from Alcester built a huge paper dragon for the procession, which marched up the High Street around 11.30am before a short play in the churchyard of St Nicholas.

The Court Leet then retired for lunch inside Town Hall where our Yankee St George had “several pints of ale” at the top table with the High and Low Bailiff.

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