At the outbreak of war Stratford started playing matches against a French side known as SCUF—Sporting Club Universitaire de France. The fixture continues to be played each year in May.

Back in 1914 players taking part in the match, both French and British, would almost certainly have become embroiled in the events of the Great War.

Ironically, Stratford RFC had 15 players who didn’t return from battle who have been called The Lost XV.

In the centenary year that marks the start of the First World War, Stratford will be holding a one off commemorative game against SCUF with both teams in period rugby kit, playing with a vintage leather ball, under the 1914 laws of the game.

The charitable event will be held at Pearcecroft, Stratford on the very same pitch The Lost XV would have played on.

Following the game a commemorative plaque to those club members who made the ultimate sacrifice will be unveiled.

Their names are: “Doc” Smith, Norman Kinman, “Tiny” Hands, Jack Lambert, Ted Berry, Pat Thompson, “Nonny” Morgan, D O'Callaghan, Arnold Bloomer, T C Burke, C Mullaly, H B Wilson, Frank Hitchman, C C Bryan and A W Bailey

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