“We just told him he was on camera,” one of the security staff told the Herald afterwards.

But the shoplifter then jumped out of the car and ran down Rother Street before turning right into the civic hall car park that connects the street with Grove Road.

The man driving the Nissan was left in the car, and although he pulled into a layby, he refused to get out, brandishing crutches and saying he was disabled.

A female member of Debenhams’ security team stayed with the car and the bag of fragrance while two male security guards chased after the suspected shoplifter.

Later, security personnel apprehended a man apparently hiding in a garden in Grove Road and handed him over to the police, who also questioned the driver of the Nissan.

UPDATE: Police confirmed a 34-year-old man was arrested near Rother Street this afternoon and is currently being questioned on suspicion of shoplifting.