Designed by Italian luxury pen makers Omas, the pen will go on sale on Wednesday 23rd April, Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Available from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust online shop, the pen is hand-engraved with a profile of the Bard.

Made from antique silver and oak, its cap has an imprint of Shakespeare’s signet ring.

Pen company Omas used trust archives to research the best design.

“It has been a fascinating process and we are all delighted with the finished product,” said John Hall, UK representative of Omas.

“This is an exquisite writing instrument which we expect to be snapped up by collectors all over the world.”

The silver pens are available on a first-come first-served basis, but the £38,000 solid-gold version will be made on request.

Don't drop it! The pen is launched at Shakespeare’s birthplace by (left to right) John Hall of Omas; Diana Owen, Philippa Rawlinson, Stanley Wells and Sue Croxford of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; and Luca Baglione of Omas.

Sue Croxford, Head of Retail at the Birthplace Trust, said, “It is a fitting choice to honour our greatest writer.

“The design and decoration reflects some of the priceless treasures from our world-class collections related to Shakespeare’s works, life, and times here in Stratford-upon-Avon.”

A “proportion of the profits” will go to the trust – which cares for the five Shakespeare family homes in Stratford and holds the world’s largest Shakespeare archive. The trust have been asked to clarify how much that proportion is.

The trust did confirm however, that this was not an April Fool and are expecting the pens to be popular.

Are you thinking of buying the pen? We want to hear from you! E-mail or call 01789 412819.