Asked by the Herald if the wedding receptions were still going ahead, Cllr Vaudry said: “Undecided. But whatever we do it will be legal, unlike the recent actions of some of our neighbours.”

Meanwhile, villagers in Dorsington argued that the granting of the licence by the district council was a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing.

However, since the matter had been raised with the council by Dorsington residents—and was currently being investigated by a council official—an SDC spokeswoman said she could make no comment.

The relationship between Cllr Vaudry and the village of Dorsington has become poisonous ever since local residents discovered – in December 2012—that he was planning to turn his historic home, The Moat House, into a wedding venue.

And on the eve of the planning inquiry into his appeal against the council’s rejection of his proposals earlier this year Cllr Vaudry claimed that he and his family had been the victims of bullying and harassment —a claim hotly denied by local residents.

Cllr Vaudry repeated his allegations after stating that he intended to put forward a new planning application for his proposals.

He told the Herald: “The planning inspector accepted virtually all the points we made, including the fact that music from the barn itself was inaudible at the nearest residence and that traffic and lighting were not issues.

“But he did raise a handful of other concerns—one purely technical—which we can easily address. Consequently we will be submitting a new planning application within the next few days.

“Amongst other things, in recognition of the concerns of neighbours, this will limit the number of weddings at The Moat House to 12 a year. We should get a decision on this by June.

“Meanwhile a handful of villagers, clearly fuelled by envy and with nothing better to do with their lives, continue to harass and bully my family and I—and now even some of our friends.”

In response, Cllr Gail Williams, vice-chairman of Dorsington Parish Council, told the Herald yesterday (Wednesday): “This is absolute rubbish.”

In one of his comments to the Herald Cllr Vaudry accused villagers of even “accosting” people attending the local church.

This was taken as a reference to local residents speaking to one of the couples planning to hold their wedding reception at The Moat House.

Cllr Williams said she had spoken to the couple, warning them that Cllr Vaudry was legally barred from holding a wedding reception in his barn.

She advised them to seek clarification of the situation from Stratford District Council.

Cllr Williams said: “It would make a mockery of the planning process if people thought they could circumvent that process with a licence. It would invalidate the process and make the planning system completely pointless.”