Underneath each building, Bob has provided notes of its historical and/or architectural interest.

Through his simple line drawings, Paul has sought ‘to capture the essence of this wonderful diversity in the town’s architectural heritage’, while Bob has welcomed “the opportunity to bring home the fact that the true value of the spine lies not just in its well-known showpiece but in the many other attractive buildings which provide the links between them.”

The Stratford Society, which for the last five or six years has been promoting measures to protect and enhance the spine, has supported publication costs in the hope that this study will be of interest and help to local schools, town planners, local historians and visitors to the town but above all to do justice to this remarkable collection of buildings of which Stratford should be proud.

Copies are available in local bookshops but can also be obtained by emailing the Stratford Society at info@stratfordsociety.co.uk