At the moment there are male and female changing rooms plus a family changing facility.

Despite their objections, the current male and female changing rooms will be removed in favour of one big unisex village with individual cubicles for privacy.

Stratford resident Neville Shannon got up and spoke at yesterday’s district council cabinet meeting.

He said: “It is unhealthy and isolates us from our lockers and outside clothes. Presently, we can move from locker to shower au natural.”

The council, which owns the leisure centre, asked for feedback on the plans over the Christmas period.

Because the majority of respondents (54%) objected to the unisex village, the council included a small section of single-sex group changing as well.

However, this is only one small room for women, and one for men, with no other facilities. People who get changed in there need to cover up before going back and forth to use the showers, lockers, or toilets.

Justin Kerridge is a councillor who opposes the unisex village. “It’s just so easy at the moment,” he said. “Why change it?”

Dai Gittins, another user, said people chat to each other in single-sex changing rooms.

“There’s a real sense of community,” he said. “To say it’s part of a social service is no exaggeration.”

Defending their decision, the council said the new village would be easier for staff to clean.

Lynda Organ, from the council, said the ongoing controversy over the unisex village should not detract away from the fact the majority of people are in favour of the overall scheme (52%).

“Shipston Leisure Centre was built nine years ago with a changing village and that has proved to be very popular,” she added.

Opened in 1974 with an expected life of 30 years, Stratford Leisure Centre is overdue a redesign.

Now the plans have been finalised the council need to find a contractor to do the work.

The pool is expected to be closed for 18 weeks later this year for the refurbishment.